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Dante (Dante Alighieri) is known for his version of Hell from his book “The Divine Comedy” (La Divina Commedia). In this book he talks about hell consisting of several layers. We would like to explain a little further about which layers it consists of and who is sent to it and what happens.

Een wetboek is gemaakt om de orde te handhaven, en op die manier een veiligere maatschappij te creëren.  Maar soms staat er in een wetboek iets in waarvan je je afvraagt wat het verhaal hierachter is.  Zoals je waarschijnlijk zal doen bij volgende “rare wetten”

We cannot deny that shooters are a huge part of the gaming industry. Since the 1990s there has been an explosion in this genre and it has become more elaborate and graphically more beautiful. Nevertheless, there are some gems that we should not forget.

The evolution of animals is virtually proven, and can therefore be accepted as truth. You can often see this in the camouflage techniques in herbivores and the special claws on the like in carnivores. But with some animals, we can still ask ourselves whether the evolution of that animal is not a bit strange. This can often be seen in the skeleton of the animals.

February 14 (!) Is the day of love. We call this day saint Valentine, after the patron saint of the loved ones (Christianity). But as with many holidays, there are some strange facts and traditions associated with this day ...

Cleaning your house is not something we look forward to. But nevertheless this must be done regularly. Fortunately, there are tons of helpful tips and tricks to make this task more enjoyable. For the really good old-fashioned tips, you better visit grandma. As everyone knows, they always know best. To make it easier for you, we have done this for you. We visited our grandmother and wanted to share these tips with you.

Regardless of having enough water available, using less water means, saving a lot of energy and money. Filtering waste water is an energy-intensive process, so by saving water in the first place, you indirectly also save energy. And of course, by using less water, your water bill is less high.

Tijdens onze zoektocht op het internet naar leuke tips en tricks en weetjes zijn we terecht gekomen bij de groep “zuinig leven kan iedereen leren”.  Hier zagen we een post van Kenneth Vernelen uit Edegem die een super idee heeft om na de huidige Corona Crisis je maskertjes nog te recycleren en hergebruiken in plaats van ze weg te werpen. 

Nu Valentijn er weer aan komt en we nog steeds in een semi quarantaine zitten, is het best moeilijk om een activiteit te verzinnen om te doen met je vriend/vriendin.  Hiermee willen we je graag enkele ideetjes en tips geven die van jou Valentijn ook dit jaar een top date maken.

Today we all hear how bad things are with nature, and of course, we all want to change something about this. Unfortunately, sorting waste is not enough, so there are some companies that goes further than that. for instance, ther is an idea to make packaging edible ...

Have you ever looked at the back of your router? Maybe do it anyway, because there you see a USB port that you probably don't have in use. With this unused USB port, you can do various fun things.

"What is the Wi-Fi password?" This is a question that is all too often asked. Is it at your home when friends come to visit, or do you work in a cafe or restaurant and the customers ask for the Wi-Fi password? How easy would it be if people can access your Wi-Fi network by simply scanning a QR code with their tablet or smartphone. This way you don't have to spell out your password letter by letter. In this article you can read how to create such a QR code.

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