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5 facts about Valentine


February 14 (!) Is the day of love. We call this day saint Valentine, after the patron saint of the loved ones (Christianity). But as with many holidays, there are some strange facts and traditions associated with this day ...

Origin of Valentine


The name valentine comes from the Christian patron saint of lovers, Valentinus. He is said to have been sentenced to death by Claudius II around the year 270. He would have secretly married soldiers while he was not allowed to do this of the emperor because he believed that unmarried soldiers performed better on the battlefield.

St Valentines' death is said to have occurred on February 14th. Another theory is that Valentine comes from a (pre) Roman festival that took place between 13 and 15 February. This festival was called Lupercalia. On this day, 2 goats were ritually slaughtered and the skins cut into strips. With this the women of the city were then beaten. This would benefit fertility and reduce pain during labor. (Don't ... Doesn't work;))

Worldwide celebration
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Valentine's Day is the second most celebrated holiday in the world. Only New Year is celebrated in more countries.

Impact on the economy

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In February, condom sales rose significantly. That this has something to do with Valentine is not officially the cause, but it is believed. But the sale of condoms is apparently for nothing, because the sales of pregnancy tests peaks again in March.


It used to be said that the first bird you saw on Valentine's Day had a lot to say about your future husband. For example, a starling would represent a poor man, and a goldfinch a rich man. Seeing pigeons says nothing about the type of man, but it was seen as a general prediction of happiness.

Valentine attire

In some cultures, the man gives his beloved Valentine clothes, and if the woman decides to keep and wear the clothes, it is a sign that she is ready to Marry. This is a subtle way to make sure you don't get rejected if you ask me.