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Old school shooters that we should never forget


We cannot deny that shooters are a huge part of the gaming industry. Since the 1990s there has been an explosion in this genre and it has become more elaborate and graphically more beautiful. Nevertheless, there are some gems that we should not forget.

Wolfenstein 3D


In Wolfenstein 3D, you take on the role of a captured spy named William “BJ” Blazkowicz who researched a project during WWII called “Eisenfaust” (iron fist) and was taken to Wolfenstein Castle as a result. You as a player must try to escape from this castle.

Wolfenstein 3D is a game based on a game from 1981 called Castle Wolfenstein 

Wolfenstein 3D was released in 1992. This game was free to download. Later, some expansion packages were added that you had to buy.



Doom puts you in the shoes of a spacemarine that gamers call Doomguy. Doom is arguably one of the best-known old school shooters. The game came out as early as 1993. In the beginning it was free to play. Later in 1995 you could buy the game with an extra level. This game was so revolutionary with its 3D techniques that we still see its effects in more modern games.



Quake is set on Gothic maps that are packed with monsters. On these maps the players have to solve puzzles so that he / she can go to the next level.

But Quake was best known for its multiplayer. This could be done on a server, which was very revolutionary in 1996.
You could often find this game on the best LAN parties. Even today, this game is still often played.


half life

In Halflife you take on the role of Gordon Freeman, a scientist who, after an experiment with space material from another dimension, has to flee from a lab called “Black Mesa. Along the way, the character is chased by a lot of aliens and humans.

Halflife is best known for its lore, which is fantastically well put together for a 1998 game, and the fact that valve (the company behind halflife) teases a lot with its sequels. For example, after halflife 2, which was released in 2004, the publishers said that a 3rd was coming. But to this day it is still not there.

Goldeneye 007

golden eye

Generally speaking, movie games are not good (and vice versa). But this doesn't count for Goldeneye 007. In this game you take the role of James Bond as you stop a criminal organization from using a satellite that would cause a financial meltdown in London.

Released in 1997, this game is one of the first breakthrough for the shooter genre on console. The game consisted of a story mode and a multiplayer, where you had to shoot each other. You could be oddjob. This character was smaller and harder to hit because it was harder to aim down. This led to many conflicts.