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The 9 layers of Dante's hell

Dante (Dante Alighieri) is known for his version of Hell from his book “The Divine Comedy” (La Divina Commedia). In this book he talks about hell consisting of several layers. We would like to explain a little further about which layers it consists of and who is sent to it and what happens.

The first circle of hell

The first circle is called Limbo. This is where the virtuous unbaptized people end up. Here people are not actively punished, but continue to be rejected from the great love of God. Mythical creatures also end up here.
Originally, Adam, Abraham and King David, among others, ended up here. However, they were later delivered by Christ

The second circle of hell

In the second layer of hell are the lusty ones or the people who cannot control their sexual desires. An eternal storm is raging in this ring that continuously blows souls forward. According to Dante, this layer of hell contains mainly women.

The third circle of hell

In this circle are the gluttonous people. They are punished by an eternal rain. According to Dante, this ring is also guarded by the hell dog Cerberusin. Eve is in this ring, because she had eaten from the forbidden fruit and made Adam do this too.

The fourth circle of hell

Here are the greedy and wasteful. People who honor the material too well or too hard. Even those who showed too little respect for other people's material must uselessly push heavy loads back and forth for eternity. Usually this is depicted by large stones.

The fifth circle of hell

The swampy river Styx runs in this circle. Here the aggressors have to fight for all eternity. Under water are the people who bottled up their anger.

The sixth circle of hell

This layer of hell consists of open graves that are on fire. In these open graves are the heretics. The difference between this and the first circle is that these people consciously question God.

The seventh circle of hell

dante dore suicides
This layer of hell consists of three parts where the perpetrators of violence are punished.

First part

In it, the people who have committed violence against others or their goods are punished. They lie in the blood river called “Phlegeton”. They are guarded by centaurs (half horse / half human)

Second part

In the second part of the seventh layer of hell is a forest made of people who have committed suicide, or people who have committed violence against themselves. Their sin is that they did not appreciate the life given by God. They are punished by harpies. These are birds of prey with the head of an old woman. These birds of prey put their sharp claws in the branches.

Third part

In this part, blasphemers, people with anti-natural sex drives and people who committed violence against nature and / or art suffer. They are forced to walk around in a desert during a fire rain

The eighth circle of hell

This circle is reserved for the impostors and consists of 10 gaps.
  • The seducers and matchmakers. They run in opposite directions and are whipped up by devils.
  • The flatterers. They were bathing in mud in the second canyon
  • The Simonists (people who sell false religions). They are buried with their heads down, so that only their burning feet are above the ground.
  • Magicians, witches and seers. They walk around with their heads turned backwards on their bodies.
  • Corrupt politicians and civil servants. They are boiled in a bath of pitch while devils attack them with pitchforks.
  • Hypocrites (liars). They have to walk around in lead clothing.
  • The thieves are continuously burned and reborn from their ashes. They are also attacked by snakes.
  • Evil Counselors. They burn forever.
  • Schismatics (people who split themselves off from Christianity) They are maimed and tortured with a sword by the devils. After which they have to take a walk so that they heal. The process then repeats. According to medieval Christians, Muhammad would sit here because they said he was first a Catholic priest.
  • Alchemists and Counterfeiters. They suffer from intolerable illnesses.

The ninth circle of hell

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This is the layer where THE devil lives. The devil would have three mouths. These are named Brutus, Judas and Cassius.