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How to save the world by eating garbage

Today we all hear how bad things are with nature, and of course, we all want to change something about this. Unfortunately, sorting waste is not enough, so there are some companies that goes further than that. for instance, ther is an idea to make packaging edible ...

Edible beer packaging

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Packing of Saltwater brewery
A brewery in America has chosen to go for edible beer packaging. These packages are made from barley and wheat and are therefore perfectly edible by fish and other animals

Edible Pods

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Photo taken at the London Maraton
These are not regular dishwasher or washing machine pods, they are made from seaweed or other non-plastic based wraps. The seaweed-based pods are completely tasteless, so are perfect for storing water. Another empty bottles mountain less
Other things can also be stored here. Just think of shampoo, mayonnaise, ketchup, ... seaweed is not only edible, but also completely biodegradable

Drinkable bag

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Photo of a bag that dissolves in water source: AvaniEco
Who does not have a plastic bag full of plastic bags at home with the thought “the next time I go shopping I will take them with me” but then forget so you buy more and eventually throw them away
Kevin Kumala also saw this problem and came up with a solution, he has designed a bag that is made of starch and dissolves in water, after dissolving this water is still 100% drinkable

Edible cutlery

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 The full range of bakey's edible cutlery
We all go to a fast food restaurant from time to time, and get a plastic container, plastic forks,… After using them once they are thrown away. All very practical, but not environmentally friendly. Edible cutlery would be a much more ecological choice. Cutlery made from rice, wheat and barley.