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How to create a Qr-Code to share your WiFi with friends


"What is the Wi-Fi password?" This is a question that is all too often asked. Is it at your home when friends come to visit, or do you work in a cafe or restaurant and the customers ask for the Wi-Fi password? How easy would it be if people can access your Wi-Fi network by simply scanning a QR code with their tablet or smartphone. This way you don't have to spell out your password letter by letter. In this article you can read how to create such a QR code.

Find the SSID, password and security type for your network

SSID Vinden

This information is usually on a sticker on your modem. The SSID is the visible name of your network. The security type is in most cases QPA2, WPA and WEP.

Write down this information, as well as the password of your Wi-Fi Connection. We will need this later to create the correct QR code for people to scan with their smart device.

Generate the QR code

Qr code genereren

There are several free and paid Qr code generators available online. All these generators work in relatively the same way. But personally, I am a fan of the “qrcode-monkey” (www.qrcode-monkey.com). With this qr code generator you can choose different options so that you can make your Qr code unique.

Go to the qrcode monkey website and select the "Wifi" tab at the top

Here you fill in the data you wrote down earlier (ssid, password and encryption)

You can also set various visual options here, but this is optional.

When you are done click on “create QR Code” and your personal code will be created. You can then download it in various formats to use. You can be very creative when using this.

Using the Qr code

Wifi Fotokader

If you have the downloaded QR, you can use it in a Word document or in Photoshop to make a printout of this code. Print them on your business cards, for example, or make a nice composition to put in a photo frame.

If you work in a restaurant or a cafe, print several and stick them on each table so that your guests always have access to the Wi-Fi.