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What can you do with the USB-port on the back of your router?

Have you ever looked at the back of your router? Maybe do it anyway, because there you see a USB port that you probably don't have in use. With this unused USB port, you can do various fun things.

Use an old printer as a network printer

wired network

Nowadays, most printers are already equipped with a built-in WiFi receiver, so you can easily print from anywhere in your network. But imagine that you have an old model where this is not possible by default.
By connecting the printer to the USB port on the back of your modem, you can also use your old printer as a network printer. This way everyone in your network can print.
Connect the printer with a USB cable, and set up the printer via the configuration of your modem.

Network storage for all your devices

network attached storage c

Usually, if you want to transfer files from one computer to the other, you use a USB stick, or you mail the files to each other.
You can also use network storage.
For this, you only need an external hard drive that you connect to the USB port at the back of your router. There is built-in security so that your files are safe on the network. Via the router configuration, you can set file permissions to ensure that only the people you choose have access to this storage.
Most routers also have built-in software that will use the hard drive as a media server. This means that if you access the photos or videos via, for example, a smart TV, they can be played on your device.

Make an automatic backup of your system

If you have an external hard drive connected to your network, as in the previous section, you can also use it to automatically make backups of your system or certain files. Because let's face it, we all know that we have to make backups, but we only think about it when we have lost something ...
With the hard drive installed, go to the settings of your windows computer and set up backup as you wish.

Update router manually

In most cases, the router will be automatically updated when a new version of the software is available. However, in some cases, this is not possible.
By manually downloading the software on the computer and putting it on a USB stick, you can still install it in your router.