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Cleaning with these tips from grandma

Tips & Tricks

Cleaning your house is not something we look forward to. But nevertheless this must be done regularly. Fortunately, there are tons of helpful tips and tricks to make this task more enjoyable. For the really good old-fashioned tips, you better visit grandma. As everyone knows, they always know best. To make it easier for you, we have done this for you. We visited our grandmother and wanted to share these tips with you.

How to make silver shine again

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has your silver bracelet, necklace or cutlery become dull or gray in color? Of course you would like to make this shine as if it were new. You can always use toothpaste for this. Put some toothpaste on a cloth and by rubbing it repeatedly, the black oxidation comes off.

How to make copper shine again?

Like silver, copper can also discolour. A good product to clean this can be found in the sauce section of your local supermarket.
Just try rubbing your copper pot with some ketchup on a cloth and see how much dirt comes off.

Effective way to remove limescale.

In the bathroom or kitchen you quickly suffer from lime. Usually in your bath, washbasin, toilet or sink. Apparently if you put a cloth in buttermilk and let the cloth absorb and then put the cloth on the place of the lime overnight, in the morning the lime would have disappeared. This should also be the case with cola. In the toilet, for example, you could pour in buttermilk or cola and let it rest overnight instead of using the cloth method.

How to remove sticker residue?

You know, you buy a new plate, bowl or glass and there is such an annoying sticker on the bottom that you can never get it completely clean. This can be solved with oil. It doesn't matter what kind. Apply some oil to a sponge or cloth and rub the sticker residue. They'll get right off.

Best way to clean your windows

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I myself always have problems cleaning my windows. Each time this leaves gigantic streaks on the glass. Fortunately, this is a thing of the past. After washing and drying the window, simply rub the glass again with a wad of newspaper and the stripes are gone!

Eliminate stale odors

Grandparents often live in an older house. Musty smells can linger here. But even this, grandma has a solution for this. You put 1/3 water, 1/3 vinegar and 1/3 fabric softener in an aerosol can. The vinegar neutralizes the odor, and the fabric softener ensures that a pleasant scent remains.

Maintaining oak furniture

My grandmother is very fond of her heavy, full-wood oak furniture. She told me a very special way to keep them clean and make them shine again.
She uses leftover beer for this, which she heated in a pan (not boiled). Then she rubs her cupboards with the beer and sponge and let it dry. Then she scrubs the furniture with a dry fiber cloth.

Hygienic cleaning of a wooden cutting board

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A wooden cutting board full of scratches is unsanitary. Food residues get into these scratches that are difficult to wash out when washing dishes.
My grandmother solves this by sanding the cutting board with a piece of sandpaper from Grandpa's workhouse. After sanding, she rinses it off with water and treats the cut plant with olive oil. Then she is as good as new again.